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Estate & Succession Planning

To protect your family and ensure they are looked after if you are no longer with them, it is essential to have a plan in place. Estate and succession planning gives you peace of mind that your assets will pass into the right hands, and that your business will be looked after by someone you trust.

YOLO Financial Services will work with you to protect your financial legacy in the most tax effective way, and ensure you understand how your estate will be administered under the terms of your will.

For those with their own business, we can help you implement a structure to look after the people in your company, and your family, including exit strategies for when you are ready to retire. We can provide guidance around Buy/Sell agreements as well as securing your key people and your business expenses during difficult times. We are small business owners and we understand the importance of protecting what you’ve built. Speak to a YOLO Financial Adviser to see how we can help you plan for a better future. 

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